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Montessori Math Multiplication

3.99 usd

Designed by teachers and Award winning app developers, Montessori Math: Multiplication presents an in-depth, step-by-step approach to multiplication with fundamental Montessori materials: the multiplication board, the stamp game and the bead frame.It also presents multiplication and multiples tables, and is part of a suite of apps dedicated to making children understand and love mathematics.
Features:- 4 Montessori activities to learn the concepts: the multiplication board, the stamp game, the bead frame and the magic slate.- A tool box with 4 activities : large numbers composition, multiplications tables and multiples tables.- A playbox with 3 games to practice and play with multiplications : missing digit, whiz quiz and bubble games- Our exclusive Dynamic Progression Algorithm to follow each child’s progress individually.- 4 pre-determined levels of multiplications.- Color-coded place values to allow children to easily identify thousands, hundreds, tens and units.- A number range from 0 to 999,999.- A “Monster lab” for added fun and motivation.- “Advanced settings” containing even more options, designed for teachers.- A secured and detailed "Note to parents" explaining the pedagogy behind each game.- 15 languages
Recommended ages: From 6 to 10
We take personal data protection very seriously. When using our app, your child will never come across:- advertising- in-apps- links to social networks- personal data request
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